Spiritual Counseling

three women wearing blue denim jeans sitting on gray wooden bench

Donation-based Spiritual and Biblical Counseling:

Providing Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Direction, and Life Coaching for Individuals, Couples, and Groups. Together we explore to find clarity in the things that have stopped making sense. We look at what causes distress, insecurities, and uncertainty.

Areas of Practice Include: Relationship challenges, life transitions, women’s concerns, mid-life changes, abuse issues, relational orientation struggles, family of origin difficulties, work empowerment, career changes, questions of faith and doubt, sadness and anxiety, body and Spirit integration, caring for aging parents, adversity, loss, grief, death and dying.

 Areas of Expertise:

  • Spiritual/psychospiritual counseling, and spiritual direction
  • Group therapy and facilitation
  • Couples spiritual counseling; marriage preparation
  • Breath Work
  • Counseling for life cycle celebrations such as transition ceremonies, and loss
  • Supervision for women clergy and counselors
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Consultation and education for women’s religious/spiritual, and justice organizations
  • Retreat days
  • On-site workshops

Depending on your need, our services may integrate the wisdom from many disciplines applicable to an integral spirituality, including: (1) psychology, to identify social and emotional intelligence, (2) sociology (group ethos), (3) personality traits, (4) organizational development (work-life balance), (5) cognitive science, (6) health and healing, (7) ethics to include unethical intention and unethical behavior, (8) interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship counseling, and (9) parenting techniques.

*** We serve college student clients under the Gifting Economy Model (GEM). Therefore, the spiritual counseling services offered to students are supported through a love offering from each student **

Program Types:

Face-to-Face, Phone, or Zoom therapy sessions are available.

Program Credentials:

Program Credentials: Ordained Minister, Spiritual counselor, Spiritual director, Bachelors in psychology, Masters in industrial-organizational psychology (mostly for work related spiritual direction counseling), and PhD in General Community Psychology.

If you are seeking a non-clinical perspective to counseling, please consider us. 

Please note: Should it be determined that you may need clinical support, you will be referred out to a clinical counselor.