Family & Culture

 Several research studies provide results that a strong family and cultural unit, help to build resilience. This idea develops from the framework that families are often affected by the issues of vulnerable family members and other members who face adversity. According to (Drummond, Kysela, McDonald, & Query, 2002) within this framework family recovery are often secured by adaptation, demands, appraisals, supports, and coping. The researchers also acknowledged that appraisals, supports and coping strategies exemplify the shielding family practices, while challenges signify the susceptible family practices (Drummond, Kysela, McDonald, & Query, 2002). In this vein, the shielding family practices corelates with the demands/stressors to foretell family adaptation after adversity. 

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Some suggested ways to experience holistic family interactions after adversity are:

  • Listen to each other
  • Show compassion
  • Offer affected family member quiet time alone, while checking on the needs of the individual often
  • Take walks together
  • Share a meal as often as possible
  • Read a favorite story to the affected person
  • Plant a summer garden together