About Us

         The Colorado Resilient-Life Center (CORLC) is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization. Our founding and silent partners, the 720 Memorial Foundation and CharlotteO Missions Ministries with the direction of its co-founders Alfonso E. Salazar and Megan Dearman, believe that if you want to change the world, start in the heart. The vision of the CORLC is a world where adverse psychological outcomes caused by tragedy, loss, or life-adjustments are understood, governed, and managed, to enrich human wellbeing and the ability to deal with complexity. We do this through community engagements that show passion about community members and energized helping methods to build and maintain resilience. The goal of CORLC is to advance lives through counseling, classes, small groups, workshops, and resilience research for governance and management of societal challenges. In addition, CORLC endeavors to secure services and programs for human wellbeing and resilience for long-term capacity. Furthermore, CORLC, applies and further develops the methodical triumphs of resilience research within practice, IRB policy, and academic training.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀At CORLC we value simplicity, integrity, creativity, and community. We believe people can live more fully when connected to the wonder of genuine care. We meet people right where they are, for who they are, not what they are or what they do.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀As a resilient-life community, we  continue to work, learn, play, and rest in celebration of life’s beauty. We are a place where connections between people, nature, and the arts, are nurtured.

Our complete vision and mission statements are located on the homepage of this website. 

Our team

Alfonso E. Salazar


Megan Dearman